The Velvet Worm, also known as the Onychophora, is an extremely rare rainforest panarthropod that lives in the Costa Rican Rainforest. It was featured in the Breaking Trail episode 'ULTRA RARE! - Velvet Worm'.

Animal BiographyEdit

The Onychophora, more commonly known as the Velvet Worm, is an extremely rare and elusive Rainforest panarthropod found in Costa Rica. It is a small, many legged elongate creatures closely resembling worms (hence the name). Their bodies are very soft and fragile, allowing them to easily slip between cracks. They are very slow, however also extremely elusive leading them to be considered one of the rarest rainforest panarthropods. 

Episode BiographyEdit

The Velvet Worm appeared in the Breaking Trail episode 'ULTRA RARE - Velvet Worm'. While Coyote was in a research shack, Mark and Mario were off exploring the rainforest by themselves. While adventuring, Mark came across the Onychophora, which was in plain sight crawling up a mossy rock, while walking by. Amazed, he called Mario over to examine the creature, and they both decided it was definitely the rare Velvet Worm. After contemplating what to do with it, they decide to capture it and bring it to Coyote. Back at the shack, Coyote is amazed and excited that Mark and Mario managed to find the creature, and decided to do a 'Planet Earth' style documentary scene with it. After putting together a scene and informing the viewers all about the creature, Coyote, Mark and Mario release the Onychophora back onto the same rock it was taken from, where it crawled into the darkness, most likely never to be seen again.

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