Ocelots are a species of small wild cats that live in dense jungle areas, with their range spreading from Argentina to south Texas. Coyote comes across a wild Ocelot in a set of videos featured in Costa Rica, and soon finds that the Ocelot is very friendly and playful.

Animal BiographyEdit

The Ocelot is a small jungle cat that mainly lives in the dense tropical rainforest of Costa Rica, though their territory expands from Argentina to South Texas. They are mainly yellow with a white underside, completely speckled with black-circled brown spots. It is apparent that Ocelots are easily susceptible to becoming friendly towards humans, as Coyote came across a wild ocelot in Costa Rica and the ocelot befriended him after he offered it his backpack as a play toy. They are excellent hunters, and, like all cats, have incredible hearing, can run very fast, and are good at jumping and climbing. They are the second smallest wild cat species, the smallest being the Kodkod.


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